Velvet - covering material for designer furniture

Soft, very pleasant woven upholstery fabric designed for classic interiors and furniture in vintage style, as well as for modern interior design.

A design delicacy for different living styles

Velvet is one of the luxurious upholstery fabrics that are popular in many styles of living. It is popular due to its ability to give a sofa or an armchair the characteristics of a unique piece of furniture, in the perfect interplay of color and light falling on it.

Today's upholstery fabrics made of velvet are much more durable and more resistant to various damages. However, these materials are sensitive to pressure. The hair is easily compressed in some types of velvet, which affects the appearance of the surface. For practical reasons, it is therefore not recommended for public or heavily loaded areas.

Resistance and durability of the fabric

Velvet consists of trimmed looped, densely woven fibers. Its durability depends on the type of fibers it is made of and how dense their weave is. As a rule, velvet with a lower and denser fiber is more durable.

The look and depth of color can be achieved best with natural fabric. However, synthetic fibers are more durable and colorfast. The best fabric properties for high-quality and durable upholstery fabrics are therefore achieved by mixing synthetic and natural fibers.

When choosing an upholstery fabric, don't forget to touch the material, you can bend the individual samples and see all the way to the base of the fabric. However, it is difficult to determine by touch how durable the velvet fabric is. Therefore, let's also pay attention to the Martindale value, which is mentioned for upholstery fabrics. Fabric manufacturers always test their products for abrasion resistance.

What color will your velvet sofa be?

A spacious velvet sofa or a small velvet armchair. Designer furniture that forms the dominant feature of the interior in any color. In bright, medium-dark and dark shades, while the color blue is very popular. Neutral colored velvets are just as beautiful. Gray is just as luxurious with this cover, because even in this case the incident light plays its role.

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What materials does velvet go with?

The use of velvet brings softness and delicacy to the room. It enriches every interior with wood and leather elements. It also works well with other seats, in different upholstery. It is an excellent material for modern design – the shine of the fabric and the reflection of light beautifully highlight the individual curves of the seating furniture. Velvet clearly also belongs to traditional, vintage furniture. You don't have to be afraid to combine old with new, or traditional with contemporary.

Velvet and different patterns? The interplay between the pattern and the texture of the velvet is just perfect. Sofas in bright shades look good in front of patterned walls with wallpaper, they also go well with patterned curtains, pillows, or carpets.

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Some types of velvet

Linen Velvet – Linen velvet is matte in appearance, with a simple textured look with subtle irregular stripes.

Silk velvet – unforgettable to the touch, perfectly reflecting light, with a significant shine. Like other natural materials, it is prone to fading if exposed to sunlight.

Mohair velvet – made from the hair of the Angora goat. It is the least prone to damage and is therefore used in areas with high usage. Mohair velvet has less luster than silk or cellulose fibers.

Cotton Velvet – Cotton velvet is easily damaged, so it is often mixed with another fiber such as polyester to improve its durability. It has a matte finish, but can be mixed with viscose for more shine and strength.

Synthetic velvet – made of high quality polyester, less prone to wear and fading.

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