Sofasoul symbolizes more than just a brand of upholstery fabrics. Sofasoul is a way of thinking and designing space. Its goal is to infuse the space with a soul, its own character and a unique atmosphere.

Because a comfortable sofa is the center of every space, because a place to sit with family and friends brings unforgettable emotions, because moments of relaxation and rest give the body an impulse to life. We transform furniture and spaces in such a way that they arouse desire, we bring to the market fabrics and materials with functional properties that describe every lifestyle - whether it is a trendy home full of social life, a representative look of a business office or peace of mind for easy cleaning in a household full of small branches.

Sofasoul is based on almost fifteen years of experience of Sofatex s.r.o. It combines creativity, constant innovation and new trends with assurance of quality, above-standard service or a strong partnership with a fair approach to business. Our relationship with the customer does not end after the handshake - on the contrary. We stay with you and take care of added value with an individual approach. Our goal is to educate the public about how a high-quality cover can change the character of a sofa and at the same time extend its life.

Gustáv Krchňavý

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