Animal-friendly fabrics

Fabric manufacturers constantly face new challenges and try to create products that satisfy even the most demanding customers. It is no rarity that in many households, various pets are an integral part, even members of the family. However, this is often associated with complications, especially when it comes to upholstered furniture. And that's why the manufacturers decided to create such substances, which are also suitable for pets.

We would like to present to you the first selection of upholstered products that we recommend to all animal lovers:

  • Castle ( velvet composition: 50% cotton, 50% polyester, 80 000 cycles in the Martindale test)
  • Galaxy (chenille fabric composition: 100 % polyester, 90 000 cycles in the Martindale test)
  • Veron (knitted fabric, composition: 100% polyester, 45 000 cycles in the Martindale test)

Why did we choose these fabrics?

  1. Gentle surface - facilitates hair removal.

Due to their fine texture and lack of a visible weave, velvet fibers are less prone to hair sticking. The hair remains on the surface and can be easily removed, e.g. using a disc to clean clothes.

  1. Positive result for catching - increased resistance against pulling the thread when scratching (compared to other substances).

Anti-catch tests are specialized tests that are carried out in the laboratories of an independent research center that specializes in quality technical services and certifications for the industry. The goal is to reproduce the effects of animal claws on the fabric surface as accurately as possible.

Resistance test procedure:

A sample of the substance is placed on a rotating cylinder. A weight covered with a spike on the chain rests loosely on the fabric sample. The cylinder begins to rotate, causing the weight to bounce freely off the surface of the sample and the tip to strike the fabric. Such an impact on the test substance best reproduces the effect of animal claws. The result of the fabric's impact resistance is given on a scale from 1 (numerous obstacles) to 5 (no visible capture).

  1. By purchasing such a fabric, the client automatically receives a certificate, that contains information about the substance, a test completed with positive results, instructions for use and care, as well as conditions for complaints.

In the future, this offer of fabrics for pets will be expanded. When choosing a fabric using an animal- friendly pictogram (a simplified silhouette of a dog, a cat and a paw print), the customer can be sure that the fabric has increased resistance to snagging/pulling of the fabric fiber.

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