Sopran Upholstery fabrics

Sopran 06
10,50 €
4 Shades (Color shades may vary slightly from individual production batches.)
Sopran 06
Sopran 06
Sopran 03
Sopran 03
Sopran 09
Sopran 09
Sopran 11
Sopran 11

Príjemná tkaná poťahová látka. Viacfarebná priadza vytvára zaujímavý strakatý dizajn. Nato že je nábytková textília tkaná, užívateľa zaujme príjemný dotyk a pri dlhodobom používaní každý ocení vysokú odolnosť v odere. Táto poťahová látka je vodeodolná čo zabezpečí stekanie náhle rozliatej tekutiny po povrchu textílie. Nábytková textília to v čase rozliatia do seba neabsorbuje ale istú dobu to ostáva na povrchu. Príjemné zemité farby dopĺňajú ponuku pastelových farieb. Dizajn je vytvorený tak aby spĺňal požiadavky trhu tak ako sme už celé roky zvyknutí. V tejto látke sa zachoval dizajn melíru ale podarilo sa vložiť vlastnosť aj jemného mäkkého dotyku. Poťahová látka vyznie na každom čalúnenom nábytku pekne tak je jedno či ho použijete na sedačku alebo posteľ.

Technical parameters

Type of fabric
Flat woven fabric
300 g/m2
140 ± 2 cm
Abrasion resistance (Martindale)
100 000 Martindale
Color fastness test
WET 4 - 5, DRY 4 -5
WARP… 163,4 N, WEFT… 106,2 N
Tensile strength
WARP… 1387 N, WEFT… 677 N
Color fastness to light
4 - 5
4 -5
Fire resistance


Extreme Durability
Soft to the touch
High resistance (Martindale)

The use

Hotels - Restaurants - Pensions
Office and loaded chairs
Social facility - Retirement home - Children's homes
Internal use


Can be washed max. 30 °C
Can be ironed without steam max. 110 °C
It must not be bleached
Do not tumble dry
It can be professionally chemically cleaned using a gentle process

Stain removal method

1. Wipe up the spilled liquid with an absorbent cloth (towel). In the case of a solid state, gently remove the remains with a small teaspoon.
2. Moisten a cloth, ideally microfiber, with clean water.
3. Wipe with a soft damp cloth (or a soft soapy cloth) and make gentle circular movements.
4. Remove excess moisture with a paper towel or absorbent cloth. Let dry.
If fine stains remain after cleaning, repeat the procedure.

Upholstered furniture must be vacuumed regularly with an upholstery attachment to prevent dust from settling in the upholstered furniture.

Remove stains as soon as they appear.

When cleaning, use soap without bleaches and dyes. An ideal natural soap that can be purchased at a regular drug store. Do not use other detergents!!!

For upholstered furniture that has been used for some time, we recommend cleaning the entire part.

Please do not use so-called "home recipes" for cleaning.

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